The Slimz Way to a slimmer and healthier you.

The Slimz Way is a free holistic weight loss supporting solution – Offering an effective and healthy lifestyle to target the body’s gravity areas for effective weight loss results and centimeter reduction.

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Why is the Slimz Way so successful?

Developed by leading medical professionals and dietitians, the Slimz way is based on the medical grounded principals and requirements to target the body’s 5 key aggregated fat areas such as the hips, thighs, waist, buttocks and arms. Through extensive and continuous research these gravity areas are specifically targeted by combining a range of effective weight loss products; focused exercise plans and healthy eating plans to help you lose weight and reduce centimeters.

The Slimz Way includes the following key principals to target your gravity areas:


Effective range of products with proven ingredients to lose weight.

Based on continues research from medical and clinical studies around the world, Slimz offers a range of products formulated with a variety of natural (herbal), active and clinically tested ingredients, proven for it’s effective weight loss properties and results.


Focused exercise plans to target gravity areas.

The Slimz way offers easy to follow 5 day home based exercise plans, developed by Mohammed Mather (Hon. Sports and Exercise Science) to specifically target, stimulate and tone the body’s high percentage fat areas such as the hips, thighs, waist, buttocks and arms. No excessive equipment is required to perform and complete the exercise plans.


Healthy 5 week eating plan for optimal results.

Designed by leading dietitians for optimal nutritional support, the Slimz eating plan is developed by Amanda Kuit (RD) to energize, accelerate and tone the body during a 5 week period. Not only does the eating plan offer a variety of meals and ingredient options to choose from, but most of the ingredients are easy obtainable from your local store and is easy to prepare

By following the Slimz way you will not only slim down and start feeling results from day 1, but you will also get to know your body and gain the benefit to adapt your habits into a healthy and happier new lifestyle.