My husband and I adore cycling! It’s probably a bit of an obsession, as we plan our free time around cycling events and courses. Bikers also know how to socialise of course, and we love spending time with our friends and family at braais and restaurants. Living la dolce vita, combined with limited cycling and exercise opportunity during lockdown, saw my weight balloon to a size I had never been before – I went from a size 30 pants to an uncomfortable size 34!

My SlimzWay journey losing 9kg in 10weeks

I realised that I were forced to buy new clothes, but didn’t want to spend all that money on a new wardrobe.

Even when we got back in the saddle and started cycling again, I found that I really struggled to keep up with the other girls my age, and that my weight was holding me back. I wanted to get my pre-lockdown body back.

I jumped onto the web and saw a lot of Slimming brands and promises out there – honestly it left me feeling quite confused. I guess I chose Slimz and the Slimz way because they seemed honest and authentic in what they offered me. They did not shy away from the fact their product helps those who help themselves to maximise results. The Slimz way gave me a diet, exercise plan, and a lot of lifestyle hints, tips, recipe ideas and the perfect Slimz products to as they put it “Eat, Exercise and Metabolise – the Slimz way”

To make a long story short – I lost almost 10 kgs in 10 weeks! I also started winning cycling races within my category! I feel a lot healthier and happier than I think I have ever been.

The Slimz way helped me become the best version of myself, and for that I will always be grateful!

Start your journey and get your metabolism working for you!