Olga Roux


LOST: 14.8kg

“Slimz will be part of my healthy lifestyle for a very long time.”

Since my teenage years I have always been overweight. I tried every fad diet you could think of, some of them extremely unhealthy.

The lemon juice diet, TLC, the blood type diet, celery juice diet, shake only diet. so many I can’t even remember. All of them were horrible, some pretty costly and most of the time I gained weight afterwards. Never mind the fact that none of them were long term solutions.

The thing with losing weight is that it’s a life style choice, you have to adapt to a new way of thinking about food, health and fitness. They all work together.

When I started with Slimz I had already started going to gym 5 times a week, I mostly did weight training. The habit of eating right and going to the gym put me in the right frame of mind, but the problem was the down time, the weekends, the functions. Slimz fit in right with my lifestyle and really helped. My energy levels were stable, my hunger pangs were a think of the past and the CM loss came faster than with just my gym and trying to eat healthy.

I loved the detox tea, it really kept me regular, nothing worse than feeling bloated. AdiBurn was a lifesaver, being able to go out and have that slice of cake (now and then) helped me stay on track and motivated. My favorite was the CLA, that really helped me tone faster with my weight training.

I do believe that Slimz have got my back. Their products are no gimmick, believe me and they have all the support you need, from training tips to menus.

Slimz will be part of my healthy lifestyle for a very long time.