Nicola Nell

I’m a wife to an amazing husband and a mom of two beautiful children, whom I love endlessly, but after the birth of my second child, I realized losing the “baby weight” was a lot tougher than I anticipated it would be. I did not feel comfortable with anything that I wore and I had almost zero self-confidence.

My SLIMZWAY journey losing 16.3kg in 5 months

I decided that it was time to be more pro-active and do something about it. That’s when a friend introduced me to Slimz. I started the SlimzWay programme, and have never looked back. My confidence improved and our whole lifestyle has changed. Even as a family, we are more active, make healthier choices and spend more time together.

The Slimz product range worked wonders, and I could see results on no time. The AdiBurn products really kept my energy levels up, and having AdiBlock on hand I knew that the odd cheat day would not hamper my results.

I lost a whopping 46.5cm and I could not be happier. Slimz has changed my lifestyle for the better, and I will maintain my focus on staying healthy and fit.

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