LOST: 18kg

“I lost the weight and kept it off!”

I changed my Life with SLIMZ , having always been a little plump growing up and having a fuller figure in my teenage years , I thought that would always be me. After the birth of my two babies barely 2 Years apart, I just could not shed the weight I had gained and started going into a depression. Working in a pharmacy, I came across the SLIMZ product range and was desperate to try anything but needed to be sure it was safe.

I started to see results and felt a change in my energy levels and mood almost immediately. I began to lose weight and shed the kilograms and within less than 6 months – I had shed all my Pregnancy weight and just kept losing. I received some extra support from the SLIMZ WAY Programme and Sister Yolanda who runs a clinic.

Losing a total of 18 kilograms, I am slimmer now 2 years on then I ever have been and loving my new figure and the clothes I get to wear that I never could growing up. SLIMZ literally helped change my life.

I have kept the weight off and occasionally still use the FAT BURNER for a couple of weeks if I need to, but I know that I will never go back to feeling bad about how I look and let my weight get in the way of being happy and performing at my best at work and for my husband and kids.