Lufuno Munyai

Business Woman

LOST: 37kg

“I am happier and feel more alive now”

I was born 1975, at the Baragwanath (Chris Hani hospital), I am the first born of two and a pastor’s daughter. I started my schooling in 1982-1984 in Soweto, then went to Limpopo where I continued until my matric there. I am a stay at home mom and manage our family business. I have a funny, bubbly and our going personality and my family means the world to me.

I was weighing 111kg and decided I needed a change. I had already been diagnosed with fibroids, and wanted to reduce the risk of becoming diabetic.

I started using the Slimz AdiSlim Tea, and starting seeing results. I’ve lost 37kg and counting as I have not reached my goal weight yet, and the fibroids have reduced. My lifestyle has completely changed for the better, I take good take of myself and stay healthy.

I am happier and feel more alive now. I am able to focus on growing our business and am considering opening another one, and I love to share my weight loss journey with others facing the same problems I went through.