Francois Nell


LOST: 10kg

“We have become a happier, healthier family, making smart choices about what we eat and how we exercise.”

I’m husband to an amazing wife and father to two beautiful children. As the married life settled in, I had noticed that I was developing the dreaded “dad-bod” and needed to do something about it.

I chose Slimz as I wanted to lose the weight and rediscover my confidence with my self-image and live a healthier lifestyle. The SlimzWay program was great, it was so easy to use and provided a great guide on which foods to eat, what exercises to do and which products to use.

I really loved the AdiBurn Pro liquid, I could feel it working almost immediately and kept my energy levels up, and the results were amazing! Not only have I lost the weight, but with the CLA I could see my muscles toning and I am well on my way to developing those “washboard abs”.

Overall my lifestyle has changed – I am more active, happier and confident about myself. I discovered that with the right motivation and products any goals are achievable.