I have been exercising for most of my adult life, and are fairly clued up with supplementation to maximise my results. Due to Covid and the gyms being closed, I picked up about 10kgs of extra weight that I just didn’t seem to be able to exercise away. Beyond that I also seemed to have hit a wall in terms of my athletic performance.

My SLIMZWAY journey losing 10kg in 10 weeks

Joining the Slimz way really changed the way I approached my health and fitness regime. Through the process I learned that exercise on it’s own can only take you so far. Adding the right diet and the correct supplementation to my exercise regime was the missing ingredients on my journey to reach my health and fitness goals. I must say the Slimz products really made a difference! With the help of Slimz and changing my diet saw me losing 10kgs in 10 weeks. I also started seeing a whole range of tangibly positive results in my workouts.

I have changed my whole lifestyle, and are committed to keep fighting the good fight going forward! Thank you Slimz!

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