I guess my story is shared by mothers all over the world. We were overjoyed to welcome our girls into the world, but it really wreaked havoc on my body. After the birth of my second daughter I vowed to lose the weight, and set my starting date for that following Monday.

My SLIMZWAY journey losing 16kg in 6 months

That following Monday passed and I vowed to start the Monday after that. Going on like this I was going to start the next Monday for a period of about 6 months! I think I was just too busy making excuses to start the journey, and too afraid of how difficult it would be to fit into my busy life.

One of my work colleagues suggested that I look at the Slimz way for my weight loss journey, because as she put it “It’s easy and really worked for me”. Honestly I was a bit sceptical at first, but once I made the decision to approach my health Slimz way, I committed to giving it an honest shot.

I started following the Slimz nutrition plan, and used the AdiBurn thermogenic fat burners, CLA, and AdiSlim tea to help manage my appetite and cravings. In the beginning I struggled a bit, but once I gained momentum and the fat started melting away, I became more and more motivated! I even started going to the Gym a few times a week. The AdiBlock was also a heaven sent, as I could still continue with my social life, and when I cheated a bit on my diet I knew that about 30% less fat and carbs would be absorbed into my body.

I am proud to say that by following the Slimz way I was able to lose 16kgs! I can keep up with my girls, and have found my energy and drive is at an all time high! I tell every person who comments on my new physique that I follow the Slimz way, and have seen other people get awesome results as well!

Start your journey and get your metabolism working for you!