Zanele Sindane

Zanele Sindane


LOST: 43kg

“To say that my life has changed forever would be an understatement. People don’t even recognise me anymore”

My name is Zanele Florence Sindane and my incredible weight loss journey started 5 years ago. In 2011, I weighed 103kg and my unstable blood pressure was becoming a serious health issue. Having struggled with my weight since childhood, I have first-hand experience of how difficult it can be to lose weight (and keep it off). Mine has been a long road with many ups and downs, but let me tell you – it was worth every step!

Over the years I teamed up with Eden Slimming Solutions as I was unable to get to a gym. They supported and mentored me and helped me understand that I needed a complete lifestyle change. They started me on a healthy eating plan that included Slimz’ Slimcut Liquid.

At the end of last year I registered for the Slimz 5 week Challenge. I saw it as an opportunity to boost my weight loss again, as I had lost a bit of my drive and focus. The support that Slimz offered was a great help as dieting can be very “lonely” and difficult experience. I purchased a range of Slimz products to assist me including the AdiBurn 75 capsules; AdiBurn 200 Liquid; AdiDetox and the AdiBurn Drops.

The results were amazing – I lost 4kg in my first week! At the end of the 5 weeks I was shocked to discover I had lost a massive 11kg! Over the 5 year period, I have lost an astonishing 43kg and now weigh in at 60kg!

To say that my life has changed forever would be an understatement. People don’t even recognise me anymore! I have gained a lot of respect from others and loads of self confidence. (I even get a lot of envious looks from time to time!) I am in excellent health and I can wear anything I like.

In short, I have never been happier and would recommend Slimz to anyone. It really works!

Lufuno Munyai

Lufuno Munyai

Business Woman

LOST: 37kg

“I am happier and feel more alive now”

I was born 1975, at the Baragwanath (Chris Hani hospital), I am the first born of two and a pastor’s daughter. I started my schooling in 1982-1984 in Soweto, then went to Limpopo where I continued until my matric there. I am a stay at home mom and manage our family business. I have a funny, bubbly and our going personality and my family means the world to me.

I was weighing 111kg and decided I needed a change. I had already been diagnosed with fibroids, and wanted to reduce the risk of becoming diabetic.

I started using the Slimz AdiSlim Tea, and starting seeing results. I’ve lost 37kg and counting as I have not reached my goal weight yet, and the fibroids have reduced. My lifestyle has completely changed for the better, I take good take of myself and stay healthy.

I am happier and feel more alive now. I am able to focus on growing our business and am considering opening another one, and I love to share my weight loss journey with others facing the same problems I went through.

Leona Erasmus

Leona Erasmus

Business Manager

LOST: 30kg

“As a mother of two, I have lost over 30kg in all the right places. The Slimz way has changed my life forever!”

“I felt funny, and then everything went black” that’s how Leona Erasmus summarized her stroke following a freak accident. With a 17 month old baby, she had to struggle to regain her motor function, taste and speech. At a healthy 25 years old, she believed it was unfair for something like this to happen to her. When she found out she was pregnant with her second child, she was petrified, as she was still not fully recovered from the stroke. After the birth of her 2nd child, she suffered from postnatal depression, and tried to cope by pushing people away from her, spoiling her children, and eating away the depression. “I felt that I was nobody. I believed that I was not worthy of love”.

Leona tried several times to pick herself up, but failed time and again. It was a moment in the kitchen with her husband that changed her life. With her arms around him, she acknowledged her depression and her weight problem for the first time.

“It was one of the most difficult moments of my life, but I had to shelf my pride, and acknowledge the real situation, in order to start facing it head on”. Leona realised that she faced 2 choices: she could either go back to her old habits, or she could take control of the situation, and make things happen for herself. “I was like the stem of a grapevine. Every bit of trouble, and all the challenges I had to endure, was a part of my pruning to carry better fruit”…

Through hard work and a healthy lifestyle, Leona lost 32kg! She currently manages 2 businesses, a non-profit charity organisation and she’s a CANSA ambassador, with tons of people who support her. She is a 2013 Top 10 Mrs SA finalist. She is someone.

“I’m full of energy, love, and I feel like myself again. I enjoy every moment of my life, and am grateful for the blessings, the grace, but most of all the second chance I’ve been given. Every woman deserves it!”

Brenda Mogobye

Brenda Mogobye

Sales Executive

LOST: 20kg

“I was introduced to Slimz by a friend and since then I’ve never looked back.”

I’m Brenda, age 31 and a sales executive by profession. During my teen years, I was a model I did fashion shows modeling and catalogue shoots for Edgars and Woolworths. I was very conscious of my weight and very confident. I have a very bubbly and energetic personality, am outgoing and love the outdoors and traveling.

In 2006, my son was born and all I wanted to do was to take care of him and I let go of myself. I started gaining weight after his birth, I went from size 30(60kg) to size 36(85kg). With the weight I had gained I lost myself, my confidence and my outgoing lifestyle. I felt like a stranger in my body. As a result, I started withdrawing from friends and family as my clothes were too tight or didn’t fit. I didn’t know how to dress up for my body and my confidence level dropped 0%.

Apart from being tired all the time and not feeling good about myself, I bumped into my modeling agency manager at mall and all she asked was “You must be a size 38 now” and I couldn’t answer her, as I was slowly slipping into a size 38. I got home and cried. I hated how big I was, and made the decision that I had to lose weight.

I was introduced to Slimz by a friend in 2009 and from then I’ve never looked back. Slimz had an eating plan and 5 key exercises to assist me. I wasn’t easy at first, but with my family’s support, I persevered and reached my ideal weight which was 65kg.

I have been maintaining my weight with the great products Slimz have introduced over the years, including the AdiSlim shake and AdiSlim tea. I now take 1 Slimz AdiBurn 75 capsule & 2 AdiTone CLA capsules in the morning and I am good to go.