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SlimCut Booster

R 234.95

Kickstart your weight-loss journey, with the SlimCut Booster pack containing a high impact thermogenic liquid, detox accelerator and natural appetite suppressant herbal tea.

1. Slimcut AdiBurn 200
SlimCut AdiBurn 200 Thermolean by Slimz is a high impact thermogenic liquid and energy tonic that acts as a weight loss activator.

2. AdiDetox
AdiDetox 180 Accelerator by Slimz is a stimulant-free formula which helps to detox and cleanse your body to accelerate and maximise fat breakdown potential.

3. AdiSlim Tea
AdiSlim Hoodia Tea by Slimz is a natural appetite suppressant which harnesses the essence of the Hoodia cactus from the Kalahari Desert.