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AdiSlim Hoodia Tea

R 74.95

AdiSlim Hoodia Tea by Slimz is a natural appetite suppressant which harnesses the essence of the Hoodia cactus from the Kalahari Desert. It informs the brain that the stomach is full, and thereby reduces your appetite and ‘between meal’ cravings.

This product increases metabolism and physical stamina, stimulates higher energy levels and results in an improved sense of wellbeing. It has a refreshing taste.

This product contains: 20 Teabags


Rooibos, Honeybush, Hoodia.

Direction of use

Bring fresh, cold water to a boil. Dissolve one to two sachets of the AdiSlim Tea in the water to the desired strength and taste. Only effective as part of a weight management programme when combined with a balanced, energy-restricted diet and regular exercise.

Side effects

If you suffer from a medical condition, use this product under the supervision of your healthcare practitioner. Pregnant and breast feeding women should avoid using this product.