"I was introduced to Slimz by a friend

and since then I've never looked back."

Sales Executive

LOST: 20kg


I'm Brenda, age 31 and a sales executive by profession. During my teen years, I was a model I did fashion shows modeling and catalogue shoots for Edgars and Woolworths. I was very conscious of my weight and very confident. I have a very bubbly and energetic personality, am outgoing and love the outdoors and traveling.


In 2006, my son was born and all I wanted to do was to take care of him and I let go of myself. I started gaining weight after his birth, I went from size 30(60kg) to size 36(85kg). With the weight I had gained I lost myself, my confidence and my outgoing lifestyle. I felt like a stranger in my body. As a result, I started withdrawing from friends and family as my clothes were too tight or didn't fit. I didn't know how to dress up for my body and my confidence level dropped 0%.


Apart from being tired all the time and not feeling good about myself, I bumped into my modeling agency manager at mall and all she asked was “You must be a size 38 now” and I couldn't answer her, as I was slowly slipping into a size 38. I got home and cried. I hated how big I was, and made the decision that I had to lose weight.


I was introduced to Slimz by a friend in 2009 and from then I've never looked back. Slimz had an eating plan and 5 key exercises to assist me. I wasn't easy at first, but with my family’s support, I persevered and reached my ideal weight which was 65kg.


I have been maintaining my weight with the great products Slimz have introduced over the years, including the AdiSlim shake and AdiSlim tea. I now take 1 Slimz AdiBurn 75 capsule & 2 AdiTone CLA capsules in the morning and I am good to go.




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