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Discover how small changes to influence how your metabolism works can have a massive impact, on how much weight you lose and how quickly you can achieve your weight loss goals.

Get Your Metabolism Working for You

Being overweight or even just not feeling comfortable in the way our clothes fit can have a negative influence, not just on how we feel, but also on our relationships and outlook on life. We know a healthy metabolism is essential to losing weight: the more active your metabolism, the easier it is for you to burn more calories and store less fat.


Each individual’s metabolism is different, which means some people lose weight easily and others battle to lose the flab no matter how hard they try.

The secret to achieving your weight loss goals faster than you imagined possible: Making small changes to how your metabolism works can have a huge impact not just on your weight loss, but also on your energy levels.

LOSE MORE WEIGHT, FASTER with our Slimz way Programme.

A holistic solution designed by Dieticians and Physicians to target high percentage fat areas such as the hips, buttocks, arms, thighs and tummy for effective weight controll and centimeter reduction.


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“By changing my focus from kg’s to droping a dress size made all the difference to my results and people started to notice.” – M. Boshoff PTA

“With Slimz I started to feel the difference within a couple of days and started shedding cm’s in no time. – N. Khan KZN”

“I dropped two dress sizes 8 months ago and never looked back. – S. Phillps JHB


SLIMZ ADIBURN PRO will help control your appetite, improve energy and get your metabolism working from Day One. At SLIMZ we understand that our demanding lifestyles leave us with very little time and energy for exercising and eating well. SLIMZ ADIBURN PRO taken as a powerful once-a-day capsule or liquid dose to get your body working more efficiently – burning more fat and releasing loads of energy to leave you looking and feeling slimmer and healthier.